Fact Remains: Ineffective Teachers Are Headed Back to the Classroom

Jenny Sedlis // August 7, 2014

It is surprising that the Department of Education would celebrate the return of 1,100 ineffective teachers back into the classrooms of our most vulnerable children. Semantic games aside, a world-class school system is not built on a foundation that gives preferential treatment to the lowest-performing teachers. Today’s announcement demonstrates that the DOE is not serious about ensuring that every child is taught by a quality teacher. Had they been, there's a simple solution: limit the time unwanted teachers can collect a paycheck.

Recent public reports put the ATR pool at nearly 1,200 teachers.

Of those 1,200:

  • 59% had been in the pool for more than two years

  • 41% had been in the pool for more than three years

  • A quarter have been involved in disciplinary proceedings

  • A staggering 2/3 have not applied for a permanent position and don't seem to want to be full-time teachers.

  • 1/3 of the pool had U-ratings

By the DOE's own admission, only 8% of teachers in the ATR pool are 'likely viable' as teachers.