Statement in reaction to Senator Flanagan's Legislative Proposals on Education

StudentsFirstNY // December 12, 2013

StudentsFirstNY Executive Director, Jenny Sedlis, released the following statement in reaction to Senator Flanagan's Legislative Proposals on Education:

"We want to commend Senator Flanagan for leading an incredibly thoughtful process. It is clear from this report that Senator Flanagan spent a great deal of time listening to the concerns of parents, that he has a deep understanding of the issues at hand, and that he has a strong commitment to doing what is right for children. StudentsFirstNY does have concerns about some of the proposed administrative and legislative actions, such as overly burdensome privacy measures, rewriting state tests, allowing districts to opt out of the state data portal and slowing data collection. StudentsFirstNY firmly believes that the Common Core and the Regents Reform Agenda should continue without delay. High standards are critical for turning around failing schools and we owe it to every child in the state to keep moving forward until all students have access to an excellent public education."