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Dropout Nation Examines AFT Exec Leo Casey's Response to Criticism of the Union's Handling of Teacher Misconduct

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) took aim at Campbell Brown, former CNN anchor, after she inserted herself into the public conversation surrounding teacher misconduct in classrooms. Leo Casey, Vice President of the AFT's New York City affiliate, accused Brown - along with Howard Wolfson of Mayor Bloomberg's office and Micah Lasher of StudentsFirstNY - of committing "blood libel" for their critiques of the AFT's handling of teacher misconduct.

Dropout Nation took a closer look at Casey's accusation:

Neither Brown, nor the other reformers mentioned by Casey have said accused all teachers of engaging in such misconduct. What they have rightfully said is that the AFT (along with the National Education Association) aid and abet bad behavior by defending policies and processes that make it difficult for school leaders to actually lead their schools — including the ability to hire and fire teachers who are criminally or educationally incompetent — and dishonor the good and great teachers who work hard each and every day to help all of our children get the high-quality education they need and deserve.

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