StudentsFirstNY Acting Executive Director Glen Weiner Praises New Teacher Evaluation System

New York Post // June 5, 2013

State Education Commissioner John King announced a landmark teacher-evaluation system by refusing to negotiate the educational benefits of students with special interests and the teachers union. King’s new plan includes student surveys in teacher evaluations and principal empowerment by minimizing bureaucratic hurdles. With King’s plan, teachers in every classroom can be held accountable to the highest standard and ineffective ones can be removed.

In an opinion piece of the New York Post, StudentsFirstNY Acting Executive Director Glen Weiner writes:

Until now, most New York City teachers have been rewarded based on seniority or quantity of graduate education; neither has been shown to improve student achievement. Effective and ineffective teachers leave our schools at the same rate, because we had no means to differentiate one from another.

Now, we do. We can identify 1) the best teachers, who should be rewarded, 2) developing teachers, who should be supported, and 3) failing teachers, who should be removed from the classroom. We have the chance to foster a culture of excellence in our schools so our children have the best chance for educational success.

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