1. Devil Remains in the Detail after NYC Teacher Contract Announcement

    Jenny Sedlis // May 1, 2014

    For months we have been urging the administration to solve the problem of the ATR pool in a way that will keep ineffective teachers out of the classroom. We have not yet seen the fine print, and while we're optimistic that the administration heeded our call, we will remain vigilant in ensuring that no child will be forced to suffer an ineffective teacher.

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  2. Astorino is Shameless for Opting Out

    Jenny Sedlis // March 31, 2014

    New York's students deserve serious leaders who are willing to stand up for them and fight for higher standards. Thanks to Governor Cuomo and the State Senate leadership, New York's students are on the path to getting the high quality public education they deserve.

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  3. SFNY to DOE: Don't Force Principals to Hire Poor Performing Teachers

    StudentsFirstNY // March 20, 2014

    “You can’t take a stand on forced placement without addressing the ATR pool. If Chancellor Farina is genuinely against forced placement, then she should come out and promise not to force the 1,200 poorly-performing teachers back into classrooms,” said Jenny Sedlis, SFNY Executive Director. “We call on the Chancellor to make a simple pledge: no school will be forced to hire a teacher from the ATR pool against the wishes of its principal. If she’s not willing to make that pledge today, then this is all just empty rhetoric.”

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