200 Schools Exempt from Union and City Rules

NY Daily News // May 2, 2014

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and the teachers union have agreed on a new teachers contract that exempts 200 regular schools from union and city rules.

According to the New York Post, the 200 public schools are now exempt from the same rules charter schools have been exempted from and allowed them to succeed:

Those are the same rules from which charter schools are exempt, a policy supporters say allows charters to flourish with longer school days, a focus on teacher merit instead of seniority, and other innovations.

StudentsFirstNY Executive Director Jenny Sedlis comments:

“By emulating some of the best practices to come out of the charter-school movement, the administration continues to evolve on charters and recognize their important place in the city’s educational landscape,” said Jenny Sedlis, executive director of the advocacy group StudentsFirstNY.

“I would hope that they keep looking to the best charters for ideas of how to improve the entire system.”