How Students in One NY School District Are Benefiting from the Common Core

Times Union // December 18, 2013

While some adults continue to critique the Common Core, students are benefiting from higher standards in the classroom.

In Waterlivet, New York, a teachers describe students as more engaged and building upon skills learned from an approached centered around the Common Core.

The Albany Times Union reports on the noticeable changes in the classroom:

Since 2010, New York, like many states, has been entrenched in transition to the new set of national learning standards known as the Common Core. This fall marked the first school year those standards have been fully in place in New York.

In the Watervliet City School District, a 1,500 student district in a largely poor and working-class sliver of Albany County, teachers and administrators have already begun to notice a marked change in the classroom.

"The best part is how independent they are," said Webster, 32.