Mayor: Principals Will Not Be Forced to Rehire Old Teachers

NY Daily News // February 6, 2014

In response to reports stating that New York City was considering a plan to rehire 1,200 former teachers, Mayor Bill de Blasio clarified that principals will not be forced to hire these teachers.

According to a prior New York Daily News story, Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña has discussed putting the 1,200 teachers, some of whom have prior disciplinary issues, back to the classroom. Mayor de Blasio said the unassigned teachers are an issue that must be addressed, but there is not yet a plan for dealing with them.

The New York Daily News reports:

Fariña's staff is still working on an implementation plan to address the problem, a source told The News on Thursday.

But de Blasio's spokeswoman said it was "ridiculous" to suggest that Fariña would ever twist principals' arms.