New Report Finds Bloomberg Education Reforms Will Create Economic Gains

Capital New York // December 18, 2013

A new report finds that education reforms under Mayor Mike Bloomberg have led to student success that will boost incomes and property values in New York City.

As reported by Capital New York, the rising high school graduation rate in particular should have a significant impact for students:

The report found that an additional 41,000 students graduated from high school under Bloomberg's tenure, which is consistent with the incremental but consistent rise in graduation rates since 2006. The current four-year graduation rate is 66 percent. The students who have graduated from high school since 2006 should earn $8.9 billion in additional income as a result of graduating, according to the study, which calculated that the net value of additional lifetime income for a student with a high school diploma as opposed to a high school drop-out is $218,000.