New York Post Opinion: Keep Successful Charter Schools Open

New York Post // February 28, 2014

Shea Reeder's son George is a fifth grader at Harlem Success Academy 4. This year, George will be part of the highest-performing fifth-grade class in the state, she says.

Despite this clear success, Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced New York City will be shutting down the charter school at the end of the academic year.

According to a New York Post opinion article written by Shea Reader, the Mayor's decision makes no sense. Next year, she will likely have to enroll her son in a public school that is performing at a significantly lower level instead of keeping him in a successful charter school:

And consider these scores: At my son's middle school, 96 percent of students passed the math test, compared with 20 percent in the school district where I live. Fifty-three percent passed English, compared with 18 percent in my district.

Parents need more options. To evict one of the best schools in New York City is crazy. And the city hasn't given my family and other affected families any good alternatives. We're on our own.