NY Times Editorial: What We Can Learn From Other Countries

New York Times // December 17, 2013

A recent survey by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development indicated that out of twelve developed countries, American adults only performed better than two countries in mathematical and problem-solving skills. High performing countries demonstrate successful education policies that the United States should adopt to improve student performance.

A New York Times editorial examines education strategies from high performing countries including Finland, Canada, and Shanghai, stressing the importance of education reform in the United States:

The United States can either learn from its competitors abroad — and finally summon the will to make necessary policy changes — or fall further and further behind. The good news is that this country has an impressive history of school improvement, as reflected in the early-20th-century compulsory school movement and the postwar expansion, which broadened access to college. Similar levels of focus and effort will be needed to move forward again.