StudentsFirstNY Board Member Reflects on Bloomberg's Education Legacy

Forbes // October 30, 2013

Michael Bloomberg has fewer than two months remaining as New York City's mayor. As writers are publishing retrospective profiles of Bloomberg's 12 years as mayor, Monte Burke, a Forbes writer, decided to ask some of Bloomberg's peers about what the future holds for the outgoing mayor.

Paul Tudor Jones, the co-chair and chief investment officer of Tudor Investment Group, as well as a member of the StudentsFirstNY board of directors, had this to say about Mayor Bloomberg and the impact he could make on improving education nationwide:

"The absolute breakdown of public education is the single biggest threat–internally and externally–that we have in this country. Bloomberg, I hope, will be the public figure of the effort to change this. He doesn't know it, but I'm going to talk him into doing it. This would be his single greatest achievement."