Supporters Welcome the Common Core in Brooklyn

GothamSchools // December 11, 2013

Common Core supporters including StudentsFirstNY, Families for Excellent Schools and Educators 4 Excellence greeted New York State Education Commissioner John King at public forums in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Parents, teachers, and advocates used the forums as an opportunity to vocalize arguments they feel have been left out in previous discussions regarding the Common Core.

According to GothamSchools, many supporters classified the Common Core as a civil rights issue, stating that schools should be held to the same standards regardless of socioeconomic status:

“I think it’s a cruel injustice to expect less from our minority students than we do of their more affluent peers,” said one teacher.

A press release passed out by StudentsFirstNY before the forum used some of the same language, calling the Common Core a “lifeline” and a “critical civil rights issue” for “communities with failing schools.”