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NY Daily News Op-Ed: Mike Bloomberg Set High Standards on Education for Bill de Blasio

NYC education has come a long way under Mike Bloomberg’s administration.

A recent New York Daily News op-ed highlights the high standards set by Bloomberg for NYC’s next mayor, including educational achievements:

Under Bloomberg, children made gains on standardized reading and math tests, even as pass rates gyrated. A good gauge is how the kids compared with peers around the state.

In 2006, 62% of fourth graders read at or above grade level in New York State, versus only 51% in New York City. By 2013, the schools here had closed that 11-point gap to just five points. De Blasio’s goal must be to get the children in the five boroughs on par with those across the state.

Bloomberg also presided over a graduation rate that climbed from 51% in 2001 to 71% in 2011. De Blasio will have to keep that going, while boosting the 22% share of graduates who are prepared for college or careers.

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