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NYC Forced to Spend $29 Million Paying Educators Unfit for the Classroom

A system that makes it difficult to fire teachers is costing NYC a significant amount of money in 2013. As reported by the Daily News, NYC will spend $29 million on salaries and benefits for educators who have already been pulled from jobs in public school classrooms but cannot yet be fired.

According to the Daily News:

As of Friday, there were 326 city educators who have been reassigned away from the classroom yet were still collecting pay, a sharp rise from 2012, when 218 ousted teachers drained $22 million from city coffers, Education Department records show.

The teachers and school administrators are accused of abusing kids, breaking rules or just being lousy educators. But they're still collecting salaries because of a controversial firing process that makes it too difficult to terminate bad employees, education officials charge.

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