Press Release: StudentsFirstNY Releases Television Ad Praising Governor Cuomo and the Legislature for Passing Important Education Reforms in Budget

New York, NY — Statewide education advocacy organization StudentsFirstNY today released an ad praising Governor Cuomo and the legislature for enacting important education reforms as a part of this year’s budget agreement and encouraging them to keep going. The ad will run statewide beginning today.

"Governor Cuomo laid out an incredibly ambitious statewide education reform agenda, and with the support of the Senate and Assembly, delivered key and major reforms.," said Jenny Sedlis, Executive Director of StudentsFirstNY. "While there's still more to do this session on charters and the education investment tax credit, Governor Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader Skelos fought hard to put students first and the public should know what was accomplished."

The ad, entitled "Fought For" can be seen here and features the following script:

They fought for him.  And him.  And her.  And the 250,000 children trapped in New York’s failing schools.
For all our children, Governor Cuomo and the legislature hammered out a major agreement that reforms New York schools.
Reducing the amount of student testing
Putting the best teachers in our classrooms, and moving ineffective ones out.  
Providing schools with more resources and families more choices.
Thank you, Governor Cuomo and the legislature, for beating back the bureaucracy and putting our students first…keep going 

Learn more at | Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature fought for the 250,000 children trapped in failing schools. The deal they secured in the New York Budget reduces student testing, puts the best teachers in our classrooms while removing ineffective ones, and gives schools more resources and families more choices.

Learn more about the education proposals included in the New York State Budget:


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