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Teach For America Founder Urges New York Familes to Embrace Common Core Results

New York State has already released results for the Common Core test by school and district. This week, these scores were sent to individual families. According to Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach For America, finding out whether your child is passing or failing a more rigorous bar is a difficult endeavor which could sway public opinion against the test. In an editorial for the New York Daily News, Kopp says she sympathizes with Common Core skeptics, but she thinks we should embrace these results and strive to demand higher expectations:

"I encourage my fellow parents to embrace the results, as discouraging as they may seem. We've been in the dark for too long. Like many parents, I've struggled to judge what my children’s grades and test scores actually mean - how well they're stacking up against the best-educated students in this country, let alone in others.

"Common Core results finally give families an accurate barometer of whether our kids are mastering the skills they need to succeed in a knowledge-based global economy, early enough that we can intervene."

Read the full opinion article here.

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