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Unequal Distribution of Teachers Leave Minority Students With Some of NYC's Worst Educators

A recent article published by El Diario discusses the findings of StudentsFirstNY's recently released "Unsatisfactory" report. The report finds that school districts with high percentages of minority students have the highest number of ineffective teachers:

Of 1,509 schools, a total of 972 have a high percentage of students of color and Hispanics. 4.13% of teachers who teach in those precincts have an unsatisfactory rating.

El Diario reported that the study found that the following types of schools tend to have a higher number of unsatisfactory teachers:

  • High-poverty schools

  • Schools with high percentages of students of color

  • Elementary schools with low academic performance

  • Middle schools with underperforming students

  • High schools with low college readiness levels

Read the full article in English and Spanish.

Read the report “Unsatisfactory: The Distribution of Teacher Quality in New York City” (PDF).

View an interactive map of NYC schools with the highest percentages of “Unsatisfactory” teachers.

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