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NY Daily News Opinion: Our Students Need the Common Core

New York State is on the verge of halting implementation of the Common Core standards. New York Urban League President and CEO Avra Rice explains why a moratorium would be a big mistake for parents and students.

In her opinion piece for the New York Daily News, Rice clarifies why New York students need the Common Core standards:

I’m afraid parents and caregivers have either not been part of the conversation or were given misinformation about Common Core standards. They are designed to help ensure that all New Yorkers learn how to solve complex problems and think critically so they’re ready for college and careers.

They were developed through a long, deliberate, intelligent process that brought in leading experts.

They have one very noble goal: to start addressing the glaring mismatch between our educational system and the demands of the 21st Century global marketplace. The shameful truth about New York’s education system is that when students graduate from high school, most remain under-prepared for college, careers and life.

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