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NY Governor Supports the Charter School Movement

In an interview for “The Capital Pressroom,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo praises the charter school movement.

According to a Times Union blog post, Mayor Bill de Blasio has decided to annul “co-location” agreements for three New York City charter schools. As a result, the three charter schools will not be able to use public school space and will have to find new homes before the next school year.

When asked about de Blasio’s decision, Cuomo supported the charter school movement:

“You know, I don’t, ahhh, I don’t intend to be an expert on the specifics of this co-location decision — I haven’t really gone through that,” he said. “But in general, I think this charter school movement … is healthy for education writ large. I think the innovation of it is productive.”

” … The public education system, obviously, needs to work better — we all know that,” he said. “And the charter schools pose a different philosophy, a different approach. Some have worked tremendously well. Some have not worked. If they don’t work they should be closed, certainly. … I think that movement should continue.”

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