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A Public School Teacher Embraces the Common Core's Goals

The Common Core test results have shown that students across New York State are not meeting the new, higher standards. At least one teacher is supportive of the new curriculum, however.

A teacher at P.S. 208 in Harlem is embracing the Common Core as a step toward helping students become stronger critical thinkers and better problem solvers. According to the New York Daily News, he admits that a lot of work needs to be done to help implement the Common Core, but the work needs to be done:

"The results of state test scores released Wednesday, aligned to the Common Core state standards, are the first step in reorienting our classrooms to focus on very important skills and knowledge.

"Previous curriculum and standards missed these marks. The Common Core gets the theory right by giving students multiple opportunities to solve problems and share strategies — and to show their creativity and ingenuity in doing so."

Read the full opinion article here.

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