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Better Teacher Evaluations Will Mean Improved Education for Students

StudentsFirstNY has stepped in to rally parents around the issue of improving teacher evaluations. Last month, StudentsFirstNY officials met with public school parents to talk about the issues surrounding teacher evaluations.

According to GothamSchools, the message to parents was clear:

"The way to improve their students' education begins with a better teacher evaluation system."

In addition to meeting and talking with groups of public school parents, StudentsFirstNY is building a team of organizers to spread the word within communities. The challenge for organizers will be to make the issue of teacher evaluations resonate with parents. Darlene Boston, an organizer with StudentFirstNY's Families Taking Action explained the importance.

"The stakes are high too, Boston said. If an agreement is not reached by Jan. 17, she explained, the city stands to lose nearly $300 million in state aid, which Gov. Andrew Cuomo has promised to withhold from districts that did not strike deals on evaluations."

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