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Bill de Blasio's Proposed Charity Legislation Will Hurt Charters

New Yorkers will elect a new mayor in less than a week. According to the polls, Democrat Bill de Blasio is set to beat Republican Joe Lhota by a wide margin. Given de Blasio's stature in the race, the New York Post is beginning to question the frontrunner's proposed policies.

According to the New York Post, de Blasio supports legislation that would force charities to spread their money around across different causes. As an example, the Central Park Conservancy would be required to donate up to 20 percent of its funds to other parks across NYC.

The logic holds for charter schools as well. Wealthy benefactors who support charters would by law need to spread their finances around to other causes, which would harm these schools. The Post explains:

The same goes for de Blasio's bashing of "wealthy charters." Fact is, part of the reason charters need private money is they get no funding for capital expenses. And if Bill de Blasio really wants to ensure the city give all its schoolchildren fair and equal funding without regrard to race, religion or economic standing, there's a very easy answer: Issue each city schoolchild a voucher for the exact same dollar amount.

Read the full New York Post editorial here.

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