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de Blasio Must Support School Choice for All New Yorkers

In an editorial, the New York Post criticizes Democratic Nominee for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for supporting school choice in some instances and not others. When a friend called and asked for help in getting her nephew into the school of his choice, then-City Councilman de Blasio obliged. Unfortunately, de Blasio doesn't have that same point of view when it comes to New York students and charter schools:

So what's de Blasio planning to do? He's threatening to end co-location. That's the practice of giving charters - which are public schools, remember - unused space in other school buildings, because charters get no capital funds to build. End co-location, and you will kill many charters.

The glaring double standard de Blasio shows here cuts to heart of the stink of our system today: choice for a select few, no choice for those who need it most. It truly is a Tale of Two Cities.

Read the full opinion article here.

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