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Demand Is Growing for New York City Charter Schools

Eva Moskowitz, the founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, wrote a column in the New York Daily News about the growing popularity of charter schools in New York City. Last month, Moskowitz says, Success Academy had 12,000 students apply to fill only 2,500 seats in its various charter schools. Moskowitz says the reason for the increasing demand is seen in the results:

"Yet, even though education is a route out of poverty, the traditional public schools in the [Bronx] hold little hope of reversing this trend anytime soon. Last year, just a third of Bronx students in grades 3-8 could read at grade level.

"Compare that to the 88% of Success Academy students who are reading at grade level (97% in math), and you begin to understand why parents are clamoring for a seat."

Moskowitz is critical of current mayoral candidates who aim to slow the growth of charter schools despite overwhelming demand. As published in the New York Daily News, Moskowitz writes:

"The 20,000 families on charter waitlists in the Bronx — and 50,000 citywide — deserve to know how their leaders will help their children attend a great public school. They've made it clear that charters are an option they need and want."

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