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Editorial: Common Core Curriculum is What New York Students Need

Students across New York State completed the first Common Core curriculum tests in English and math last week. The test is considered to be tougher than any other standardized test that New York state has administered, and test scores are expected to be much lower than scores from previous tests when the data is released in July.

As the New York Daily News argues, the Common Core test scores will come as a shock to many students and parents, but the tougher curriculum will help prepare students for college-level work:

"A survey by the college entrance exam service ACT found that 89% of high school teachers believed their students graduated ready to handle college-level work, but just 26% of college professors agreed."

For the Common Core curriculum to succeed, parents and teachers will need to be honest with each other and communicate openly:

"New York has embarked on raising standards and measuring students' progress toward meeting them. Success will require building public confidence by being as open with parents and teachers as possible."

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