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Editorial: Eva Moskowitz's Successful Charter Schools Pose a Threat to the UFT

Eva Moskowitz runs several charter schools in New York City that are performing much better than their public school counterparts. Some of these charter schools even share the same building as a public school, yet as the New York Post reports, the differences in achievement still persist:

"The figures are likewise lopsided citywide: 96 percent of Moskowitz's kids passed math and 88 percent passed English, versus 30 percent and 20 percent respectively at [public] schools."

The success of these charter schools comes as a threat to the United Federation of Teachers, especially when a successful charter school with non-union employees, shares the same building as a failing public school with UFT employees:

"Charters need co-location because they don't get public funding for buildings, so the only space available is in existing schools. The unions understand that if you end co-location, you stop charters cold."

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