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New York Daily News Editorial: Mulgrew's dirty secret

A New York Daily News editorial features findings from the new report from StudentsFirstNY and calls for reform to address the unsatisfactory distribution of teacher quality in New York City.

The editorial shines a light on the inequalities in the distribution of teacher quality, commenting:

To the shame of the city, New York’s worst public school teachers are concentrated in the poorest neighborhoods — where children need the most help…

None should be able to sleep at night knowing that high-poverty schools, which employ 45% of the city’s teachers, are stuck with 54% of the instructors who received unsatisfactory ratings in the 2011-12 school year. At low-poverty schools, where 15% of the teaching force works, just 7% got U ratings last year.

Read the report “Unsatisfactory: The Distribution of Teacher Quality in New York City” (PDF).

View an interactive map of NYC schools with the highest percentages of “Unsatisfactory” teachers.

Read the full editorial.

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