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New York State Budget Includes $1 Billion Increase in Education Funding

Last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed New York State's $141.3 billion 2013-2014 fiscal year budget into law, and it included a large bump in state education spending. According to The Examiner News, education aid funding, which goes directly to school districts across the state, was increased by nearly $1 billion:

"The $936 million bump in education money, nearly twice as much as Gov. Andrew Cuomo's originally proposed $490 million, was one of the key highlights of the state's $141.3 billion budget that was approved by the Assembly last Thursday. The Senate wrapped up voting earlier in the week."

Governor Cuomo's original budget fell short of what many elected officials were hoping to receive for education aid. The State Assembly and State Senate made education funding a priority in their revisions to the Governor's budget:

"The governor's original proposed aid formulas would have been devastating for schools statewide," said state Senator Greg Ball (R-Patterson). "I am happy to say that we not only restored the cuts but that we increased funding across the board from last year."

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