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Plan Would Let State Take Control of City’s Teacher Evaluation System

Yesterday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed that the state would seek to establish a new teacher evaluation system for New York City should leaders from the teachers' union and the City not be able to reach a negotiated agreement.

The New York Times reported on the Governor's announcement, outlining the key pieces, and noting:

"If the two sides remain deadlocked as of May 31, the measure proposed by Mr. Cuomo would empower John B. King Jr., the state’s education commissioner, to act as an arbitrator and impose a plan by June 1, state officials said. The city would have to put the plan into effect by Sept. 1, they said."

Through a budget amendment, the Governor will give New York State Education Commissioner King the discretion to design a plan for several years. More details of the exact legislation will come later today when the amendment is introduced.

The article also included a quote from StudentsFirstNY Executive Director Micah Lasher:

“I think this is a path out of the wilderness,” said Micah Lasher, the executive director of StudentsFirstNY, an education advocacy organization. “Cuomo has given the state the power to ensure an evaluation system permanently for New York City, bringing to a close what has been a three-year saga.”

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