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Schools Chancellor Walcott Discusses Education Improvements in NYC

With NYC’s mayoral election nearing, Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott recently reflected on the progress made during Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s administration.

Walcott noted the accomplishments in improved school safety and higher graduation rates, while also warning that current candidates must not turn back the clock on this progress.

GothamSchools reports on Walcott’s remarks:

“There are powerful adults whose control over our students’ education was loosened when Michael Bloomberg became mayor. They are now vying to regain their grip,” Walcott said.

Though Walcott didn’t mention any candidates by name, he called out those who advocated changes using “euphemisms for some very bad ideas”—namely, allowing more local control of schools, reducing emphasis on high-stakes testing, and calling for a moratorium on school closures and co-locations.

“Unions, activists and candidates they support this year have been calling for a moratorium on replacing failing schools. How dare they. How dare they fail our students by calling for a moratorium on schools that are failing our students?” Walcott said. “Replacing failing schools with small schools and charters have worked, and they’ve worked over and over again.”

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