SFNY Statement on Staffing Changes at Boys & Girls High School

"Parents living in Bedford-Stuyvesant have known for years about how Boys and Girls High School has failed their children," said StudentsFirstNY's Executive Director Jenny Sedlis. "Parents have worked with StudentsFirstNY to organize, rally and demand real results. In October 2014, parents called on the Department of Education to release turnaround plans. Since then, those parents have seen a steep drop in enrollment, heard rumors of a merger, but have not experienced much concrete change."

"We're encouraged that the administration agrees that teacher quality is critical and while the principal should have more flexibility to hire and fire, today's announcement is a good first step. The Bed-Stuy chapter of StudentsFirstNY will continue to keep the pressure on the administration to follow through with changes and to maintain a high bar for new hires." 
"We remain concerned, however, that teachers deemed inadequate to teach at Boys and Girls High School may enter another struggling school or may go into the Absent Teacher Reserve pool where they will continue to either be a drain on the system or worse, be slotted into vacancies. Major structural challenges remain that require the administration to keep focused on this issue. We can't and we won't give up on the students of Boys and Girls High School."

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