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Teacher Accountability is Lacking in NYC's Schools

With the Common Core test results available online, parents are becoming more and more informed on how their children are performing in school. But as the New York Post argues, these parents know very little about how well these teachers are performing in the classroom.

Students only have access to the ratings of the teachers they had this past year and are not allowed to see how good or bad their teachers may be for the upcoming school year. This is deliberate: the New York State Legislature passed a law that limited disclosure requirements for teacher performance data, much to the chagrin of Mayor Mike Bloomberg:

So we are left with a highly perverse dynamic: The more you, the New York taxpayer, are required to fork over for public education, the less you will know about what you are getting for your money. Hardly a way to run an enterprise that now adds up to $25 billion in the New York City budget alone.

Read the full opinion piece here.

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