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The Hard Truth: Success is Possible in Our Schools

In a recent New York Daily News op-ed, Stanley Crouch looks at the progress that has been made in some NYC schools and explains that the numbers show success is possible in all schools. According to Crouch, we don’t have bipartisan agreement on the importance of education because both sides refuse to seriously look at the achievements in the best charter schools and public schools:

It’s not enough to support choice, but we need to discuss what really works. Neither so-called progressives nor hard-core conservatives have actually addressed what has worked in this town - what has been done and is available to be expanded.

They may not get it — or not be willing to say it if they do — because they have been cowed by the zeal of teachers unions that fight for power as quickly as they can whenever faced with a challenge to their effectiveness.

Crouch goes on to explain that there has been proven success in New York. At Success Academies run by Eva Moskowitz, 77% of students are poor and 82% of those students passed math. Success Academies is in the top 1% of all schools in the state.

The numbers clearly show that success is possible and it’s up to teachers to inspire students and get them to engage.

Read the full op-ed.

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