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Two Teachers Explain Why They Chose to Have More Unannounced Observations

Under the new teacher evaluation agreement, New York City public school teachers will be evaluated throughout the coming school year. Teachers have the option of choosing one pre-announced visit and three unannounced shorter visits or six unannounced shorter visits.

Two teachers, writing in GothamSchools, argue that the six unannounced and informal visits will be more authentic and allow teachers to receive more feedback on their teaching style:

We work to give specific, actionable feedback to our students so they might improve their skills and sets of academic knowledge. As teachers, we are also learners, and we want that kind of feedback from our administrators. We believe that more feedback delivered more frequently will make us better teachers. Frequent conversations with colleagues and administrators allow us to establish relationships with each another, which makes it possible to be more frank and honest in our self-assessment and assessment of one another.

Read the full article here.

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