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Will de Blasio Turn Back the Clock on NYC's Schools?

What would a Mayor de Blasio mean for New York City's schools?

In a detailed journal article, Education Next ponders whether Bill de Blasio would turn back the clock on New York City's schools if elected mayor on Tuesday. de Blasio, who opposes charter schools and closing failing public schools, seeks to reverse many of Mayor Bloomberg's education priorities that have championed these two policies.

The journal finds that Bloomberg's education initiatives have significantly raised graduation rates and test scores. Many state education officials interviewed for the article wonder if de Blasio's plans would have any positive effect on students. Even de Blasio's detailed education plan only offers broad statements and skimps on details:

Yet on close reading, de Blasio's nine-page education plan offers mostly bromides and impossible dreams: "ensure that all students are reading at grade level by third grade," "reduce class size," "involve and engage parents and families," and "place great leaders to lead great teachers in every school." The proposal that has gotten him the most attention—universal pre-K-has done so not because of the education part but because of the payment plan: a tax on those making more than $500,000.

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