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StudentsFirstNY and Assembly Member Marcos Crespo Host Panel: "Creating Great School Choices for All Kids"

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(Albany, NY) At the 2017 NY State Association of Black & Puerto Rican Legislators' Annual Conference, StudentsFirstNY teamed up with Assembly Member Marcos Crespo (D-Bronx) to host a panel discussion on how to offer parents great school choices for their children, particularly those living in communities of color. The panel was moderated by NYCAN Executive Director Derrell Bradford and featured elected officials and a diverse panel of education advocates, including:

  • Assembly Member Marcos Crespo, D-Bronx (Co-Sponsor of Panel)

  • Senator Marisol Alcantara, D-Manhattan

  • Senator Kevin Parker, D-Brooklyn

  • Assembly Member Michaelle Solages, D-Long Island

  • Assembly Member Victor Pichardo, D-Bronx

  • Assembly Member Nick Perry, D-Brooklyn

  • Assembly Member Robert Rodriguez, D-East Harlem

  • Dr. Jere Hochman, Deputy Education Secretary to Governor Cuomo

  • Tenicka Boyd, Senior Director of Organizing for StudentsFirstNY

  • Charlie King, NYC Co-Chairman of Mercury Public Affairs

  • Au Hogan, Queens Parent and Grandparent and Associate Director of Life Camp

  • Charlene Corbett, a community resource coordinator for community schools P.S. 335 and M.S. 584 in Brooklyn

To view the full the highlights of this robust discussion, click here.


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StudentsFirstNY Statement on NYC Graduation Rate Release

"While students should be praised for higher graduation rates, today's release still highlights serious problems that cannot be ignored. 

"Rather than boast about an incremental increase, Mayor de Blasio should humbly talk about what additional work is needed to address the achievement gap, dropping ELL achievement, low college readiness and the incredibly uneven quality among high schools. 
"He must also tackle the issue of inflated rates -- at the school where he's making the announcement, the 84% graduation rate masks a 28% college readiness level,"  said StudentsFirstNY Executive Director Jenny Sedlis.

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StudentsFirstNY Statement on UFT's Endorsement of Mayor de Blasio

"It’s no surprise that the teachers union would pay back Mayor de Blasio’s steady stream of sweetheart deals with a political endorsement, but the sad reality is that no one in this equation is looking out for underserved students," said StudentsFirstNY Executive Director Jenny Sedlis.

StudentsFirstNY is a grassroots education advocacy organization dedicated to improving public schools throughout New York State.



StudentsFirstNY Statement on Mayor de Blasio State Budget Testimony

In Mayor de Blasio's state budget testimony today, he spoke against raising the regional cap on NYC charters and against fairly funding charters. Mayor de Blasio can't talk about fairly funding some schools and not all schools. The following quote can be attributed to StudentsFirstNY Executive Director Jenny Sedlis:

"Parents are tired of Mayor de Blasio's political opposition to charter schools. It's not good for kids and it's not helping solve the city's education crisis." 



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StudentsFirstNY Statement on the Lack of New Education Ideas in Mayor de Blasio's Preliminary Budget

"We're not seeing anything new in Mayor de Blasio's budget that will make a difference to children and families trapped in failing schools. His Renewal Schools program was an expensive flop and he has no new programs to improve teaching and learning, increase school choice, enhance college readiness or address the middle school crisis. If education were a priority for the Mayor, he'd do more than just pay lip service to the issues," said StudentsFirstNY Executive Director Jenny Sedlis.


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