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StudentsFirstNY is New York's leading voice for students who depend on public education for the skills they need to succeed, but who are too often failed by a system that puts special interests, rather than the interests of children, first.


Press Release: Stewart-Cousins Should Represent Students' Interests

"There's a reason why the teachers' union has spent $60 million in Albany over the past five years: to get politicians like Andrea Stewart-Cousins to put their interests over the hundreds of thousands of kids victimized by a failing system. In Yonkers, 4 out of 5 students cannot read or do math on grade level -- they need a Senator, too. Governor Cuomo's plan will give our best teachers $20,000 bonuses, will cover tuition to get the best and brightest into our classrooms, and will increase funding for all children. Governor Cuomo is fighting for kids; Senator Stewart-Cousins should too."

-- Tenicka Boyd, public school parent and StudentsFirstNY Director of Organizing


SFNY Memo: Gov. Cuomo's Promise to Put Students First


TO:  All Interested Parties 

FROM:  Jenny Sedlis, Executive Director, StudentsFirstNY

DATE: January 21st, 2015

RE:  Governor Cuomo’s Promise to Put New York Students First in 2015

Governor Cuomo’s Opportunity Agenda outlines proposals that would dramatically improve student achievement across the state. Below we highlight some of the key levers put forward by the Governor in his State of the State Address.

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SFNY Statement: Governor Cuomo Offers Bold Plan to Turn Around Broken Education System

"The Governor's State of the State Address is a blueprint for turning around New York's broken education system. It takes an enormous amount of courage to stand up to entrenched special interests, but if we're going to improve schools we have to be willing to challenge the status quo with bold reform. Governor Cuomo clearly understands what's at stake and has been undaunted in advocating on behalf of New York students."

-- Jenny Sedlis, StudentsFirstNY Executive Director


Press Release: Leading Statewide Education Reform Group Releases Ad Touting the Need for Fundamental Reform of Education System

New York, NY — StudentsFirstNY today released an ad addressing the dire need for fundamental reform of the education system. The ad will air on broadcast and cable in Albany and New York City in the lead up to and following the Governor's State of the State address.

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Teachers Have to Do Their Jobs, or They Have to Go

My name is Harold, and I am the parent of sixth grader named Tanaisia. Over the years, Tanaisia has attended both public charter and traditional district schools, which has allowed me to fully see the differences in opportunities that are presented at each type of school.

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