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StudentsFirstNY is New York's leading voice for students who depend on public education for the skills they need to succeed, but who are too often failed by a system that puts special interests, rather than the interests of children, first.

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Raising Our Voices in Albany for Great Schools

In February, 200 public school parents from communities across New York City traveled to the State Capital in Albany for a special panel co-sponsored by State Senator Kevin Parker and StudentsFirstNY on the need for high-quality school options in our communities.

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StudentsFirstNY Statement on NYC Chancellor Selection

“We welcome Richard Carranza as NYC Schools Chancellor and hope he will show himself to be an independent leader who critically reviews Mayor de Blasio’s education policies and charts a new course. Carranza said he will ‘look under the hood’ and when he does, he’ll see that Mayor de Blasio’s inattention to K-12 school improvement and the achievement gap, his hostility to school choice and his failed turnaround programs mean that a change is needed,” said StudentsFirstNY Executive Director Jenny Sedlis.

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StudentsFirstNY Statement on New NYC Schools Chancellor

"On behalf of our more than 13,000 parent members, we welcome the new Chancellor and hope that Alberto Carvalho will be the independent leader that public school children desperately need. We extend our best wishes for his success and we look forward to working together to expand school choice and improve teacher effectiveness. After four years and half a billion dollars on a failed school turnaround program, NYC students need a leader who will work with urgency to give them the quality of schools they deserve," said StudentsFirstNY Executive Director Jenny Sedlis.


StudentsFirstNY Statement on NYC Graduation Rate Release

"Graduating students should be proud of their hard work and public charter schools deserve special recognition for improving at a faster rate than the district. However, Mayor de Blasio should hold the self-congratulation because the achievement gap remains too large, college readiness rates are too low, and watered-down criteria may explain gains," said StudentsFirstNY Executive Director Jenny Sedlis.


StudentsFirstNY is a grassroots education advocacy organization dedicated to improving public school options throughout New York State.


StudentsFirstNY Statement on Departure of Chancellor Fariña

“Chancellor Carmen Farina has dedicated her career to public service, and no one can question that she has fought tirelessly for what she believes in. However, after four years of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s control of public schools, far too many low-income students remain trapped in struggling schools. We hope that the next Chancellor will push the Mayor to embrace evidence-based policies and parental choice," said StudentsFirstNY Executive Director Jenny Sedlis.


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