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Press Release: New Analysis Reveals Black NYC Students are Three Times More Likely Than White Peers to be Assigned to an Ineffective Teacher

Data released by the New York State Education Department on the distribution of teacher quality reveals inequitable access to highly effective teachers in New York City. Black students are three times more likely and Hispanic students are more than twice as likely to be taught by an ineffective teacher than their white peers.

These findings are troubling given the new statewide analysis demonstrating the great benefit highly effective teachers bring to struggling students. According to data also released today, students who scored a Level 1 in 2011-12 and were subsequently assigned to highly effective teachers for two years were about 5 times more likely to score a Level 3 or above in 2013-14 than their peers not assigned to highly effective teachers. 

Teachers rated highly effective using only the State-provided growth measure 
faired even better. Level 1 students taught by these teachers two years in a row were almost 7 times more likely to score a Level 3 or above in 2013-14 than their peers not assigned to highly effective teachers.

"Today’s findings that ineffective teachers are predominantly placed in communities of color is a wake up call. While families in affluent parts of the state rail against assessing student learning, children in high need communities suffer. This new evidence proves definitively that the teachers’ union's cynical ploy to undermine teacher evaluations is directly harmful to children who need help the most," said StudentsFirstNY executive director Jenny Sedlis.


Press Release: StudentsFirstNY Releases Television Ad Praising Governor Cuomo and the Legislature for Passing Important Education Reforms in Budget

New York, NY — Statewide education advocacy organization StudentsFirstNY today released an ad praising Governor Cuomo and the legislature for enacting important education reforms as a part of this year’s budget agreement and encouraging them to keep going. The ad will run statewide beginning today.

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Parents and Advocates Rally to Support Governor Cuomo's Opportunity Agenda

On March 28, parents and community members came together in a rally to tell state legislators why they support Governor Cuomo's plan. To learn more about the education proposals included in the New York State Budget, visit


How the State Budget Makes Schools Better

In this year's state budget, Governor Cuomo with the support of the Senate and Assembly delivered real improvements that will make schools better and help our students learn. 

Here's what's changing and how the new policies will work to improve New York schools.

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Press Release: Governor Cuomo, Senate and Assembly Deliver Landmark Teacher Tenure Reform and Other Major School Improvements in State Budget

"No one disputes that New York’s schools need help, but few are willing to take on the entrenched special interests to transform the system. Governor Cuomo laid out an incredibly ambitious statewide education reform agenda, and with the support of the Senate and Assembly, delivered key and major reforms.

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