About Us

Board of Directors

  1. Mikael Andren

    President, Jones Family Office

  2. Douglas J. Band

    Counselor to President Clinton

  3. David Boies

    Chairman, Boies, Schiller, and Flexner LLP

  4. Tiffany Dufu

    Chief Leadership Officer, Levo League

  5. Carl C. Icahn

    Foundation for a Greater Opportunity

  6. Gail Golden Icahn

    Foundation for a Greater Opportunity

  7. Paul Tudor Jones

    Co-Chairman & Chief Investment Officer, Tudor Investment Corp.

  8. Peter Kiernan

    Kiernan Ventures

  9. Joel I. Klein

    CEO, Education Division, News Corporation

  10. Kenneth G. Langone

    Chairman and CEO, Invemed Associates, LLC

  11. Daniel S. Loeb

    CEO, Third Point, LLC

  12. Eva Moskowitz

    Founder and CEO, Success Academy Charter Schools

  13. Michelle Rhee

    CEO and Founder, StudentsFirst

  14. Jabali Sawicki

    Instructional Designer, Zearn

  15. Dan Senor

    Author, Start-Up Nation; Senior Advisor, Elliott Management

  16. Michael Sullivan

    Managing Director, SAC Capital