Celebrating a Historic Student Victory in Vergara v. California

Today’s courageous and historic decision is a major victory for public school students everywhere. It pushes the reset button on a twisted reality that protected adults at the expense of kids.

The implications of Judge Rolf Treu's decision are clear for New York. He declared unconstitutional many of the same policies – automatic tenure, LIFO, and outdated protections of ineffective teachers – that are hurting low income and minority students across our state.

This decision demands a similar reexamination of how we value the rights of our youngest New Yorkers. By itself, this ruling will not resolve every issue plaguing our schools – indeed, difficult work still lies ahead – but we hope the stories and voices of the courageous student plaintiffs will compel New York policymakers to do better by kids and change the state laws inhibiting great teaching and learning.

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