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NY Daily News Editorial: Saving NYC Charter Schools

Thousands of New York City parents and students fear that Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña will curtail the charter school movement.

According to an editorial in the New York Daily News, Fariña is scheduled to meet with school leaders on Saturday to discuss their future under de Blasio’s administration. The editorial explains why slowing the charter school movement would harm thousands of families in New York City:

Now with everything ready to go, de Blasio appears poised to cruelly pull the plug — on exactly how many schools is anybody’s guess.

That would be a tragic affront to parents who sought better educations for their kids, and it must not happen.

Should de Blasio and Fariña carry out even a fraction of the total bloodletting possible, they will demonstrate that they can destroy excellent educational programs without ever showing that they can build equally good opportunities for the city.

What will de Blasio and Fariña offer the children? Only a return to schools that their parents have rightly judged to be inadequate.

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