Parents of New York

This week, students across New York headed back to school for the start of another year. As families prepared for the first day back, we asked some of the StudentsFirstNY parents and grandparents to share their wishes for their kids this year.

The families came from different communities across the city, but shared many common hopes for their kids. Parents and grandparents want a quality education for their children, great teachers that challenge and support them in the classroom, and a solid foundation to prepare their kids for future success.

Read some of the responses below, and take a moment to share your hopes for your children this school year.

"Last year my daughter graduated kindergarten reading on a second grade level. My only hope for
this year is that her teachers continue to push her and give her the drive to succeed!"

Ayana with her daughter Jayana


“I hope and want her teachers to really give their all and make sure she
has what she needs to make it to the next level."

Mike with his daughter Mulan


 "I'm looking forward to this school year for my grandson as he is beginning
kindergarten. I just want him to continue to grow, learn and achieve."

Wanda with her grandson Derrick


"My expectations for him this year are for him to excel at whatever is put before him.
To be courteous, kind, and a leader. I believe he can fly and he will."

Jennifer with her son Jhole


"This year I'm expecting my son will excel in reading. He's doing great
in math but this year, I want his teacher to focus on his reading."

Evander with his son Jusir


"I want a better teacher for my son Sean in second grade. I'm hoping
to see him have an education as good as his brother Robert."

Lorieann with her sons Robert and Sean



"I'm so happy my kids got in a charter school this year! I'm a single parent
that dreams of both my children graduating college. I can't wait."

Kavaya with her children


"This year I would like to see the special ed program become
more inclusive with other parts of the school."

Jessica with her son Felix


 "I have the expectation of Talaisia getting a higher quality education due to
Common Core standards. She has a REAL chance at the American dream."

Harold with his daughter Talaisia


"I just want this Pre-K program to do well. I want her teacher to help her succeed."

Mary with her daughter Destiny


 "My daughter, she's so special. My expectation for this school year
is that her teacher understands how special she is, too."

Ronald with his daughter Keiyanah

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