StudentsFirstNY Statement on 2018 New York State Assessments Results

The following quote can be attributed to StudentsFirstNY Executive Director Jenny Sedlis:

Charters are Increasing High Quality Seats while the City is only Changing Who Can Access Theirs
"Year after year, these assessment results show that the expertise in closing the achievement gap is found abundantly in the city's charter sector. While Mayor de Blasio boasts he 'came into office to shake the foundation of the system' in reality, the City is just changing who gets to go to the schools it thinks are good. None of the City's strategies increase the number of quality seats. The only people focused on that are the city's charter school operators who are ready, willing, and able to open more schools if the cap is lifted. 

On the Comparability of Results
"There's been a lot of talk about how you can't compare results. But the results are only meaningless if performance is variable -- NYC charter schools have been doing consistently well no matter the assessment for years. Charter schools serving predominantly Black and Latino students perform almost on par with the city's white students. NYC charter students perform 17 points better in math and nearly 11 in ELA and it's time for Mayor de Blasio to embrace these schools and admit they are providing a crucial public service.

NYC Charter Schools Perform 3x as well as Big Four School Districts (and are larger as a combined district)
"If combined into a district, New York City charter schools are larger than the Big Four school district combined and perform three times as well. I hope charter critics won't dismiss these results and will instead seek to replicate and scale them."


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