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NY Post Editorial: Governor Cuomo - The Students' Lobbyist

On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo criticized the New York Board of Regents for supporting a plan that would allow teachers to blame ineffective teaching on the Common Core roll-out. The backlash resulted in the board delaying action on the plan until April.

According to a New York Post editorial, Governor Cuomo stated that the plan would slow down the teacher evaluation process:

To his credit, the governor came down on the idea like a ton of bricks. He called it — rightly — yet “another excuse to stop the teacher-evaluation process,” which the Regents had stalled for years. The move, he said, “suggests the time has come to seriously reexamine” the board’s performance.

The editorial goes on to support Governor Cuomo for placing the needs of the students above teachers:

As he [Cuomo] said, the educrats have long fought any effort to hold them accountable. That’s not going to change. Which makes the governor one of the few leaders standing between New York’s students and the education blob that cares more about shielding teachers than teaching children.

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