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Post-Star Editorial: Teacher Reform is Critical

Previously, 3020-a hearings, a process in New York State that determines the outcome of a suspended tenured teacher, would require an abundance of time and money. Recent modifications have streamlined the process but the New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA) is urging for additional reform.

According to the Post-Star editorial, the NYSSBA made several recommendations for reform including:

Authorize school districts to fire tenured teachers without a 3020-a hearing if they have been convicted of child abuse in an educational setting; or their teaching certificate has been revoked by the state Education Department; or they have failed to obtain permanent certification in the required time period.

The editorial goes on to agree with the NYSSBA, arguing that students and good teachers should not have to suffer as a result of destructive teachers:

When accountability is lacking, mediocrity can go unchallenged, and teaching is too important to allow that. New York has many wonderful, creative, hard-working teachers. They should not have to work alongside teachers unable or unwilling to match their dedication.

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