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A Full House of Parents that "Won't Back Down"

Last week, StudentsFirstNY hosted a screening of the new film "Won’t Back Down."

There was a lot of clapping, cheering and crying. But mostly, there was a lot of energy in the theater. Parents from across New York were inspired and motivated, ready to demand transformative education reforms for their children.

After the movie, I met Charlie and his mom – a single mother from Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Often times, she told me, education decisions were being made by special interest groups who fail to put students interest above all else. She was so excited that there was finally a neighborhood organizing effort that gave her a voice.

This was a mother who was engaged – a mother who works late nights and who wants a better education for her son than the one she received. She wants choice. She wants a good school with great teachers. She wants what I want for my own daughter – what we all want as parents.

We’re working for that mom, and for the moms and dads across New York who want a great education for their children. But we need your help.

There are a number of ways you can help our kids succeed. I hope you’ll visit our action page today, add your name to a petition and send a message to your elected officials.

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