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Bronx Teacher Proves Why Students Need High Standards

Bronx high school teacher Eloise Thompson has been presented with the prestigious Sloan Award for her incredible work of motivating students and revamping the school’s math program. Her tough standards demonstrate how students can achieve high results when pushed to reach high expectations.

The NY1 News article states:

"I have students come to me sometimes and say, 'I want you to change my program. I don't want to have Ms. Thompson. She's too hard,'" said Richard Fleiss, assistant principal of math, arts and music at DeWitt Clinton High School.

But looking back, most of us realize many teachers like Thompson are hard because they care, and their students get results.

"A student from Ms. Thompson's class in the year I took her class got a 98 on the test," said senior Deandre Eccles. "And usually, other students, even though they like their teachers, they pass the Regents and they just pass, but students who take Ms Thompson's class, they pass and they do well."

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