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City schools boss Carmen Fariña shakes things up in her first year

The 50-year city educator says some of her major accomplishments in her inaugural year include new contracts for teachers and principals, the rollout of universal pre-K and the creation of 128 community schools with added social services. She has also had a few bumps, including her controversial decision to revoke offers of city space from three charter schools.


The New York Daily News asked Mayor de Blasio and a spectrum of city education leaders to give letter grades to Chancellor Carmen Fariña for her performance in her first year in office. Here’s what they said:

Jenny Sedlis, executive director, StudentsFirstNY: D

Instead of following the successful reform blueprint, the mayor and chancellor have attacked high-performing charter schools, put ineffective teachers back in the classrooms of our most vulnerable children, reduced instruction time by 2½ hours per week and failed to put forth a substantive plan to address failing schools.

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