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Common Core Results Show Choice is Driving NYC School Improvement

Twenty-two of the top 25 performing schools statewide on the Common Core test were in New York City. In an editorial, the New York Daily News called on NYC's mayoral candidates to stop the negative rhetoric around the Common Core and examine how the City has built a charter school network and allowed parents to choose schools for their children. These two factors are both driving student success:

"An astonishing 22 of the top 25 performing schools from Montauk to Buffalo were in the five boroughs. And they were at the top of the top.

"Only four were traditional grade schools that accept students from geographic zones. The rest were charter schools, gifted-and-talented programs and middle schools that are sought out and require admissions. Their students have benefited from one of the hallmarks of the Bloomberg years - a dramatic boost in parental ability to take advantage of top programs. The lesson for would-be mayors is that choice drives achievement."

Read the full opinion article here.

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