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Cuomo Must Enact a Teacher Evaluation Plan for NYC

It appears that Governor Cuomo may be coming closer to enacting a teacher evaluation system for New York City public schools. According to the NY Daily News, Cuomo's plan would give Education Commissioner John King the responsibility of creating the evaluation program:

The governor appears to be focused on instructing King to construct an evaluation program that complies only with the laws as written. In other words, no additional grievance mechanisms, etc. That’s the way Cuomo must go, recognizing that he would secure essentially the same terms Blooomberg had sought.

The NY Daily News also provided a set of items for Governor Cuomo to include in future legislation on teacher evaluations:

Explicitly bar King from giving teachers the right to file grievances about this, that or the other aspect of how principals judge their performance.

Prohibit King from restricting the ability of principals to formally or informally observe teachers at work in the classroom, as well as from setting onerous rules for the paperwork that must precede and follow observations.

Order King to enact a system no later than June 1 in the event that Mulgrew and Bloomberg are still at loggerheads then. Waiting until Sept. 17, the date that’s been floating about, would delay the start of evaluations for yet another year.

Specify that King’s system would stay in effect indefinitely unless the union and this mayor or the next one come to terms on acceptable amendments.

Make the city’s children and taxpayers whole by delivering the $250 million in aid that’s now counted as lost.

    Tweet Governor Cuomo to urge him to use the State’s authority to implement a meaningful evaluation system for New York City.

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