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Cuomo Urges NYC to Reach an Agreement on Teacher Evaluations

Governor Cuomo is putting pressure on City officials and the teachers’ union to reach a deal on a plan for teacher evaluations by the January 17 deadline. New York City’s schools stand to lose $250 million in state funding if an agreement is not reached. The New York Daily News reports that Cuomo was “tough” in his first comments on the issue in the new year:

“It’s a pox on all your houses if you don’t come to an agreement,” the governor said, addressing city and union officials who have until Jan. 17 to reach a deal on new teacher evaluations or risk losing $250 million in state aid.

“A deadline is a deadline,” he said. “And the overwhelming majority of school districts will make the deadline.”

Sign the petition urging City officials and the teachers' union to come an agreement on a new teacher evaluation system by January 17.

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